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Anonymous Confessions #1 - Getting fired then accidentally becoming the supervisor of the same place

Anonymous confessions is a series of anonymously submitted stories that give an honest insight into the lengths people will go to succeed in their careers. Below is the first story that was sent in...

"I used to work in this takeaway restaurant in Dublin. Basically I wanted to go travelling for five weeks and my manager told me that if I was off for that long they’d fire me, so I was like fine and went away. When I came home I realised they had never sent me a P45, so I was like... technically I haven’t been fired yet. I was still in the WhatsApp group for the takeaway staff and one day somebody was giving up a shift and I was like “I’ll take it!”, so I just arrived in my uniform and the manager was like “you were fired” and I was like “I actually don’t think I was, I never received a P45.” And he got real angry, went into his office, was manically looking around for my P45 and realised he hadn’t sent it and then because I had come back and worked a shift, technically he couldn’t fire me anymore for going on holiday, but he was like “you’re on a zero hour contract and I’m not going to give you any hours” and I was like “fine” because it was summer so everybody was giving up their shifts all the time, so I just kept taking peoples’ shifts and eventually everybody just accepted that I worked there again and I got put back on the rota. A few months after that our supervisor left and I just started wearing their badge that said supervisor, and taking on the supervisor perks. It started off as a joke but by the time I left I was on supervisor wages and was the person creating the rota."

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