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Behind the graft: Anonymous confessions


Many founders go above and beyond to get their business off the ground. We hear the success stories, the polished tales of rags to riches. But more often than not, there are huge patches of the stories that go untold. We want to hear all the anecdotes that you only tell close friends after a few pints, because we feel these are the stories that people need to hear. The advice and anecdotes that we're most reluctant to share are likely to be the most useful.

The embarrassing attempts (successful or not) at getting a conversation with an important person. The less glamorous memories of making your product on a shoestring budget. Or even sneaky ways of winning a new client or account. To make things more interesting we’re happy to sign NDAs and make these confessions anonymous.

We want to shine a light on the lengths some people go to succeed. When we started Solo we were pretty clueless on what the rules are. As we grew, we began to realise that each company makes their own rules, there is no single way of getting investment, winning an account, or producing a product. For example, the first version of our product was made in my parents’ kitchen. No hair nets, no licenses, and no rules. This made for some entertaining anecdotes. And I’m sure every project, business, and career path has their own unique stories that are worth sharing.

So please get in touch if you have any personal stories that you think help paint a realistic picture of what’s needed to make a plan come to life. Inspiring, shocking, or funny. We want to hear from you. We will be featuring the confessions in our magazine OTB that we send out with every order.

Email info@solocoffee.co.uk

P.S we’ll pay in coffee!

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