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Has the cold brew summer finally arrived in the UK?!

Has cold brew summer finally arrived? Every year we ask ourselves this question. Whilst hedging our bets, we focus on using cold brew to fix already existing issues within the coffee industry, always secretly hoping that one day there will be such a strong demand for cold brew that our product will be need no explanation.


Our cold brew products have evolved over the years to be multi-purpose, to replace the espresso in espresso martinis, to make easy iced coffees at home, and generally anything other instances where dawdling by an espresso machine is a nuisance. We’ve put aside the idea that brits might actually want straight cold brew. However, we’re seeing more signs than ever that it’s coming.


Truthfully, our lightbulb moment came when we first tried cold brew. All of the amazing qualities of specialty coffee in a cold, ready-made, refreshing drink. It was only after years of pitching that we realised that there wouldn’t be enough demand for cold brew alone to sustain our business, our products had to do more and push beyond the original cold brew serve. But we still believe cold brew needs to be given a chance, it is an extremely satisfying way of drinking coffee. And no, for the love of Christ, cold brew is not the same as an iced americano. Ashy, bitter hot espresso over iced water tastes like a watery coffee that’s gone cold. It simply can’t be the only cold black coffee offering in a café anymore.


As anyone who’s been to the US will know, cold brew is ubiquitous there. It’s not some fancy coffee serve found only in hipster coffee shops, it’s anywhere and everywhere. Bear in mind this is the same country where iced tea probably dominates hot tea consumption, so we can’t exactly assume that what happens there will happen here. I don’t see a cuppa being replaced anytime soon. But in essence, cold brew isn’t an extraordinary thing, in fact, it’s ordinary. 


As the sun has started making more frequent appearances, to my surprise I’ve seen some signs that make me bullish on cold brew. Firstly, we’ve had a number of coffee roasters speaking to us about cold brew and how they can get in on the growing demand. Secondly, our google analytics are showing that more and more people are finding our product by searching cold brew (not just iced coffee). And thirdly, just go and stand outside Blank Street Coffee on Noel St in Soho, you will see herds of office workers queuing outside and leaving with a cold brew. It slowly but surely is becoming more well-known and desired amongst coffee drinkers. 


The summer is an important time for the cold brew trend, there will be a day this year where it becomes so hot that ordering a flat white will feel perverse and if you then order a cold brew, it might just convert you for life. Let’s just hope enough operators have access to cold brew before it becomes a staple. If not, get in touch and we can sort you a sample.

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