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Our Top 3 New Stockists (January 2020)

Big negotiations have been going on for a while and today is the day it’s publicly spoken about. I’m not talking about Brexit. In slightly (only slightly) more trivial news, we’re talking about our top 3 new stockists

1. CitizenM

CitizenM are a chain of modern hotels that offer an affordable luxury lifestyle, and in keeping to their theme, now an affordable luxury cold brew coffee. We’re stocked in their 3 London sites (so far). They have great co-working spaces/café area on the ground floors of their hotels where they offer our cold brew. You don’t have to be booking a room to get a glass of Solo. Just saying. Go check out their spaces, they’re definitely worth seeing.

2. Huckletree

Huckletree are a group of co-working spaces across Europe. “We’re building hubs across Europe for businesses of all sizes to come together by sector, scale, be brave, and lead industry change.”. Each of their spaces are designed with their location and community in mind. Bold, functional and creative design runs seamlessly across their brand, spaces and now their coffee offering.

3. Voodoo Rays

If you’re a Londoner I’m sure you’re familiar with Voodoo Rays. A chain of pizza restaurants that offers New York-style pizzas by the slice. Their amazing pizzas have earned them a cult-like following in London. We’re proud to be amongst their selective drinks brands. Stocked in their flagship restaurant in Dalston. Go get yourself a slice and a brew.

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