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As we’ve hinted at a few times recently, we are launching a new product next week. Every time we launch a new product, we feel that it’s the furthest evolution and best iteration of our brand journey, and this new product is no different.

We are finally creating a single serve product. A coffee that is made for the on-the-go moments. We’ve taken all that we’ve learned from the much loved coffee concentrate to create a coffee product that we hope will shift the general public’s perception of how good coffee can be consumed.

The current landscape for ready-to-drink coffee is a confused space. Instead of testing the basics, it seems that coffee companies have gone head first into unnecessary innovation. The supermarket shelves are filled with milky iced coffees (of every milk variety), and every new product that comes to market isn’t simpler, or tastier, it just has even more ingredients that nobody asked for. Even the black coffees that are available are nitrogen infused, or even have Chicory. When cafés are simplifying their menus to focus on the quality of the coffee itself, it seems RTD coffee is stuck in the 2010s, a time where cafés would win customers based on how many flavoured syrups they could offer. My best bet, is that coffee companies avoid offering a product that is simply coffee and water because it’s extremely hard to offer a good one. There’s no milk, sugar or flavourings to mask the quality of the coffee.

Well, in true SOLO style, we are releasing a ready-to-drink coffee. Cold brewed, speciality grade, ethically sourced coffee. Coffee and water. Nothing added where nothing more is needed.

It’s our boldest, most disruptive product we’ve ever made and we can’t wait to show you it.

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  • Them coffee companies just love screwing the consumer.

    Roll on SOLO World Domination!

    Will H

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