Outside the box


We won’t sell to supermarkets for a number of different reasons. We want to create a direct relationship with our consumer. It feels natural for us to speak directly to the people buying the product. We hear enough stories of small brands becoming slaves to supermarkets and solely relying on impulse and loud packaging to win consumers to know that we don’t want to be apart of it.

Cold brew coffee is a relatively new drink in the UK and will struggle to sell next to a can of coke on the drinks aisle. Coffee is also drunk 65% of the time at home, 25% at work and only 10% out. That stat alone says we’d be mad to put all our energy to get supermarket listings. We’re also against single serve packages so it works for us.

We would rather have few repeat customers than lots of one time buyers. To do this, we have focused on making the products as well as we can and now aim to create long standing relationships with customers.

Most public conversation and sources of feedback are online now and if we can have a direct conversation with our customers, this means we can grow much quicker and with the help of people drinking the coffee as opposed to those selling it. On this note, please never hesitate to give us feedback.

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