Outside the box

We’re not trying to end hot coffee, we’re trying to end bad coffee.

It may seem like our mission is to get everybody drinking their coffee cold, but from the beginning, our mission was to make great coffee more accessible. We just decided that cold brew was the best way to start.

When we were baristas, we realised how hard it is to consistently make the perfect coffee. And we weren’t alone, even customers would ask for their drink to be made by certain baristas. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as buying dry coffee from a reliable roaster, the person brewing the coffee can easily ruin it. Speciality coffee can be a double edged sword, light roast speciality grade coffee has more room for error in the brewing process and this often gives speciality a bad rep. “Fancy coffee always tastes too acidic” is something we hear a lot. At least with dark cheap coffee it always tastes the same, it just always tastes quite shit.

For us, cold brew was the most efficient medium of demonstrating the best coffee. The drink holds its aromatic complexities for months and reduces possibilities of messing it up. Quite often, we get funny comments from the speciality coffee industry, maybe because our coffee is cold or maybe because we don’t use hard to understand coffee jargon. Regardless, our mission and the speciality industry’s mission is the same, to make the standard of coffee better. Just two very different approaches.

So when people ask “what product is next?”, we don’t have a concrete answer. But what I can say quite confidently is that is won’t be a flavoured variation of cold brew, and is likely to be something that makes good (black) coffee more accessible, easier to understand, and more readily available.

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