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We're back. Welcome Solo 2.0

In March, the country went into lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19. Overnight we shifted all our attentions from wholesale to direct-to-consumer. As did every other consumer brand. Where we differ to most, is that we have always intended to make our direct-to-consumer service a big part of our offering. Luckily the lockdown advanced this and suddenly everyone wanted great coffee delivered to their door.

Thank you so much to every single one of you that ordered a box during lockdown. You really helped a small business keep its head above water. We are massively grateful. The increase in online orders was amazingly reassuring. But the teething problems were becoming obvious. We were oversubscribed for our capacity, and the issues with our product became increasingly apparent.

Boxes were getting thrown around in transit. The website doesn’t explain enough about our product. Our storage and fulfillment centre wasn’t working as smoothly as it could. Some boxes overheated in storage which affected the taste of the cold brew. Thank you so much to everyone that pointed out these issues. We’re not the type of brand to just make a quick sale at any cost, so we decided to pause and look at addressing every issue. So here’s what we’ve done.

  1. We’ve changed courier service, storage and fulfillment.
  2. We’ve improved the quality of the cardboard.
  3. We’ve improved the recipe. New Colombian coffee and stronger brewing ratios. This is the best cold brew we've ever made.
  4. We’ve made an outer postal box. To ensure less movement in transit our new outer box supports with a nice snug fit. Also it just looks so much better. The cherry on top.
  5. We’re in the process of editing our website. Should be live in 2 weeks. Can’t wait to show you.

To everyone that already loves our product and service. Thanks for the compliments and believing in our vision. The new changes are thanks to your support and comments!

To anyone that had a bad experience. We are just as upset as you that the service wasn’t up to scratch, and we hope that the improvements we’ve made can show you the true Solo experience.

Your feedback and comments are what help us improve, so a big thank you to you all. And please keep them coming.

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