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"Not only does it simplify cocktails saving prep time and speeding up serve time, its quality is second to none. "


I have been using Solo coffee for over a year. Always great tasting coffee. Always a great service.

Keep up the good work Solo team.

Kim Hallewell

We use solo coffee at all our bars - awesome for Espresso martinis!

Jamie Adams

I love everything about solo coffee so much, the people, the service, the events! Its a really special company that i could not recommend more!

Rupert Moylett

So does it sacrifice quality?

Absolutely Not.

At Solo, we only ever use specialty grade coffee, a carefully sourced blend of Colombian and Brazilian coffees. It's cold brewed to preserve as much aromatic complexity as possible.

No foaming agents, no preservatives, no sugar.

Brazilian and Colombian Coffee

Brazilian and Colombian Coffee

16-Hour Cold Brewed

16-Hour Cold Brewed


Speciality Grade 100% Arabica

Preservative-Free, Sugar-Free

Preservative-Free, Sugar-Free


How much caffeine does it have?

212mg per 100ml. Yes it’s a lot. That’s 106mg per double shot (50ml)

Does it froth up like a normal espresso when shaken in
a cocktail?

Yes! Unlike other cold brew coffee, our coffee has the same strength, viscosity, and natural oil content as a fresh espresso. No weird thickeners or foaming agents needed, just coffee and water are the two ingredients in our Coffee Concentrate.