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Solo Quality

80+ Specialty-grade beans only

At SOLO, we only use beans graded 80+ (Very Good) or higher by The Specialty Coffee Association, a carefully sourced blend of Colombian and Brazilian coffees. No foaming agents, no preservatives, no sugar.

How do you take your coffee?

While hot coffee isn’t the most versatile when mixed with anything, Cold brew coffee is the all-in-one solution. However you choose to take your coffee, SOLO can help. 

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Solo - Real Cold Brew

Save 16 hours of brewing at home

SOLO coffee is not drip coffee or regularly brewed hot coffee that’s been cooled. Our coffee is never heat-treated. It is 100% slow-brewed and steeped over 16 hours. 

The slow infusion from cold brew pulls all the great flavour from the beans, translating to a less bitter, acidic, incredibly smooth and almost sweet taste profile.  

Results that speak for themselves



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Results that speak for themselves


How much caffeine does it have?

212mg per 100ml. Yes it’s a lot. That’s 106mg per double shot (50ml)

Does it froth up like a normal espresso when shaken in
a cocktail?

Yes! Unlike other cold brew coffee, our coffee has the same strength, viscosity, and natural oil content as a fresh espresso. No weird thickeners or foaming agents needed, just coffee and water are the two ingredients in our Coffee Concentrate.

What’s the difference between Cold Brew and iced coffee?

Cold-brew coffee is made by steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for many hours. Iced coffee is made just like hot coffee, where grounds are brewed with hot water over a short period of time. The main difference is the taste profile. Cold-brew coffee has a bolder flavour than iced coffee since the brewing process is longer, whereas iced coffee is typically milder in taste.

Why is cold brew coffee good for your health?

There are 5 benefits of drinking cold brew coffee:

  • Easier on your stomach
  • Forgiving brewing process
  • 65% less acids, which hot brewing pulls out easily
  • Flavorful, smooth, and mellow