No brewing, no queuing. Specialty coffee in an instant.

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Whatever the serve, whenever you want.

Coffee Concentrate is an all-in-one
coffee solution: hot americanos, iced lattes, espresso martinis or however else you take your coffee. All the convenience of instant coffee, but with all the quality
of specialty coffee.


Hot and cold,
day or night.

After years of working in the specialty coffee industry, we realised that making
a great coffee was much harder than it needed to be. Arguably, how you brew the coffee has more of an impact on the flavour of the coffee than the sourcing
of the coffee itself. For this reason,
we decided to minimise the amount of variables in delivering an amazing coffee.

Great coffee every time.
No brewing, no queuing.

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Ready In An Instant

Ready In An Instant

Direct Trade

Direct Trade

Brazilian and Colombian Coffee

Brazilian and Colombian Coffee


Speciality Grade 100% Arabica



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